Deep Desert Expeditions and Photography | About
The following scenes are brought to you by Michael Coronella, photographer, and owner of Deep Desert Expeditions. Because of persistent queries for copies and prints of my work, I am proud to offer these images for your enjoyment; they are available for reasonable prices with just a few clicks of the cursor.
For higher resolution files or larger prints than are offered on this gallery, please contact me directly.

If you'd like to experience some of these locations yourself, I'll happily take you there:
Deep Desert Expeditions is the premier guiding service in the Moab, Utah region, offering guided hiking, backpacking, archeological tours and more relevantly, photography tours. Deep Desert Expeditions has guide established photographers from around the world to some of the most incredible scenes in the American West and would be happy to take you too!
These galleries contain an offering of some of the outstanding scenes from the magical places that Deep Desert Expeditions has been privileged to visit.